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When you sign up for a Virtual Mail Service with 1921, you not only protect you, your family, your privacy, and your business with a professional address and suite number, but you get more than a mail and package delivery. 

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Set Up Your LLC With A Professional Business Address.

Q: Should I use my home address for my LLC?
A. No. Nope. Never. You should always use a Business Address.
According to legal website UpCounsel, there are several issues that can arise by using your home address which include Zoning, Liability, Privacy, and Professional Reputation.

Q. I have an LLC with my home address. Can I change it? 
A. Absolutely  
Q. Can I set up my LLC now with a business address and start my business at a later date?
A. Yes. 
Q. I don't live in Chicago. Can I sign up for the Virtual Mail service?
A. Yes. We have many 
businesses and entrepreneurs who want to establish a national presence and need/want an address in Chicago.

Mail &
Package Delivery

Get your business mail and packages delivered to 1921 and we'll text you when anything arrives. Let us know when you'll be in to pick up your mail and we'll bring it to your car. No "Set Up" or "Key" fees. 

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Need Help Setting Up Your LLC or Inc?

1921 partners with professionals who are skilled at setting up an LLC and/or Corporation.  

Their services include:

* LLC/Inc. Set Up w/1921 Business Address

* EIN Number 

* Dun and Bradstreet Number

* And More.

**Please note professional services are not included in the $30/Month Virtual Mail Service.

Once you sign up for the Virtual Mail Service, we can connect you with our vetted professionals to help you set up your LLC. 

**Smaller Meeting Offices Available Late Summer 2021

Use Our Small Offices to Meet with Clients/Customers.

At 1921, our Virtual Mail Service is designed to help your business get started, grow, and increase revenue. 

One way we make this happen is by providing very nice office suites so you can meet with clients and customers and close the deal. 

Small meeting offices are incredibly affordable at only $10/hour and you get one hour free a month for (12) months when you sign up. 

Collaborating at Work

Free Online Entrepreneurship Training Classes

When you sign up for a Virtual Mailing Address, you get access to Free Online Entrepreneurship Training Classes taught by subject matter experts from all backgrounds that cover a variety of topics to help you launch and grow your business. Classes cover topics like:

* How to Start a Business

* Marketing

* Understanding Business Finances

* Increasing Sales

* And much more.

Classes also include How to Establish Business Credit, International Sales, Manufacturing Your Product, and much more. 

Use Our Meeting Rooms To Better Connect With Multiple Customers/Clients


When you sign up for our Virtual Mail Service, you have access to our meeting rooms to connect with your team, customers, and/or clients.

Do a small showcase of your products or services or host a small training session to close the deal. Each meeting room comes with a 55" color smart TV, white board, and color WIFI printer.

Meeting rooms are incredibly affordable and based on availability.



**Meeting Rooms Available Later This Summer

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Virtual Mail Service Perks:

* Professional Business Address

* Suite Number

* Text Alerts "You've Got Mail"

* Access to Small Office Suites

* Access to Meeting Rooms

* Free Online Entrepreneurship      Training Classes

* Professional Help Setting Up Your  LLC or Corporation

*Professional Service Help Not Included in Virtual Mail Price

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