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Opening 2021

What is 1921Coworking?

1921Coworking and Incubator is designed to be a self-contained tech hub with more than 12,000 sq.ft. of awesome coworking space, dedicated desks, private offices, conference rooms, training rooms, private soundproof booths for calls and skype/zoom meetings, a beautiful backyard patio for outdoor meetings, outdoor coworking, small events, and much more. 1921 members also have access to our state-of-the-art 3D Printers and in-house television studio where members can shoot their own commercials and/or infomercials for their business. 


 ​1921Incubator, NFP is designed to help startups that have been accepted into our program go from startup to launch with assistance from business mentors, entrepreneurs from established companies, investors, training programs, access to talent, resources, networks, and much more.

In addition to helping tech startups, 1921 Incubator, NFP will also be a tech-learning hub for the community helping individuals earn various IT certifications, open franchises, help young people in the community learn more about technology and being an Ideal Candidate for school and the workplace. Click here to learn more about how your donations can help bring economic growth to the community.


The 1921 Community



"a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals."

Much like Tulsa, Oklahoma's Black Wall Street in 1921, our goal is to create community by providing opportunity to each member who has a goal to launch their own business. By bringing together creatives, engineers, entrepreneurs, positive-minded people, and the like in one place, ideas can become reality through the fellowship with each other.

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Networking Events
Bring Your Team to 1921
Training Programs
1921 TV Studio
1921 3-D Printing.
Develop Key Partnerships

1921 Spaces

1921 Spaces offers amenities very similar to other coworking spaces but with added features including an outdoor coworking patio, soundproof phone booths, TV Studio, and 3-D Printing machine

1921 Membership

What does 1921Coworking Offer?

As a member of 1921, imagine everything a coworking space offers and add free entrepreneurship and training classes by subject matter experts and thought leaders, incredible networking opportunities, access to 3-D printers, an in-house TV studio to shoot your own commercials or informercials, access to an outdoor coworking patio, and much more. 

* Ultrafast Wifi

* Sit/Stand Desks in All Private Offices

* Front Desk Service, Phone & Mail Services

* Soundproof Phone Booths for Zoom/Skype Meetings & Calls 

* Printing and Shredding Services

* Open Common Areas

* Conference Rooms

* Private Offices

* Outdoor Patio Coworking 

* Kitchenette - Free Coffee and Snacks Daily

* Lockable Filing Cabinets for Dedicated Desks

* Bike Racks

1921 phone booth 1.jpg
sit stand desk 2.JPG
Image by True Agency
Phone booth
Office Receptionist
Sit/Stand Desks


ADDRESS: 11001-05 South Michigan Ave.

Chicago, IL 60628

Office Manager: brittany@1921coworking.com    

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