Sign up for 1921's Virtual Mail Service and get a Professional Business Address, (800) Number, and Mail-Fowarding service. (Including out of state)

When you sign up for a Virtual Mail Service with 1921, you not only protect you, your family, your privacy, and your business with a professional address and suite number, but you get more than a mail and package delivery.

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LLC (Limited Liability Company) text on
Set Up Your LLC With A Professional Business Address.

Q: Should I use my home address for my LLC?
A. No. Nope. Never. You should always use a Business Address.
According to legal website UpCounsel, there are several issues that can arise by using your home address which include Zoning, Liability, Privacy, and Professional Reputation.

Q. I have an LLC with my home address. Can I change it? 
A. Absolutely  
Q. Can I set up my LLC now with a business address and start my business at a later date?
A. Yes. 
Q. I don't live in Chicago. Can I sign up for the Virtual Mail service?
A. Yes. We have many 
businesses and entrepreneurs who want to establish a national presence and need/want an address in Chicago.

Mail &
Package Delivery Plus Mail Forwarding

Get your business mail and packages delivered to 1921 and we'll text you when anything arrives. You have the option of picking it up or having it mailed to you.

Let us know when you'll be in to pick up your mail and we'll bring it to your car. No "Set Up" or "Key" fees. 

We also can also drop your mail in the mail and send it to you directly. (We currently can only forward mail and not packages) 

(800) Number with Live Receptionist and Call Forwarding.

1921 Coworking provides an (800) number that you can use on your website, business cards, and other marketing materials. When a customer or client calls the (800) number and asks for your company name, a professional live receptionist answers the phone and forwards the call directly to your designated phone number. 

1921 Coworking gives you the professional tools to take your business to the next level when interacting with your customers and clients.

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Virtual Mail Service Perks:

* Professional Business Address

* Suite Number

* (800) Number with Live  

   Receptionist/Call Forwarding

* Pick up/Mail Forwarding Service

* Access to Small Office Suites

* Access to Meeting Rooms

*Small Offices and Meeting Rooms available Spring 2022.

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