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Welcome Educators

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Before we go any further....THANK YOU! Thank you for the heart to teach young minds and have an impact on the next generation. Asante! (Swahili)

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What is 1921 and the Stakeholder Opportunity

Who We Are:

1921 Coworking & Incubator, or 1921 for short, is the first Tech and Manufacturing Incubator to open on the far Southside of Chicago that will launch Black and Brown Startups in the community. 

When we launch Tech Startups in low-income communities, we are able to create high-paying jobs in the community. Our goal is to move low-income communities forward in 1-2 years instead of decades.

1921 has been featured in numerous TV, Radio, and Digital Print. Here's just a few:

What is the 1921 Stakeholder Opportunity?

If you've seen the TV show Shark Tank, then you know that the "Sharks" are always negotiating the amount of "Equity" ownership they want in a startup's company. Meaning, they will put up a certain amount of money for a certain amount of ownership in a startup so that they can receive yearly dividends and share in the profits of the startup.

1921 is the first Tech and Manufacturing Incubator to allow the everyday individual to invest and gain "Equity" in tech startups before they launch or go public. This means that as a company launches, grows, and hopefully becomes profitable, our investors are able to share in the profits as well.

In honor of our Educators, we are setting aside (100) 1921 Stakeholder Spots just for Educators because as Educators, you deserve the opportunity to create Generational Wealth since you literally teach every generation.

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This short video explains in detail information about 1921 and our Stakeholder Opportunity.

If after your review of the video you have any questions, just check our our FAQ list below. Still have some questions, no problem. Simply shoot me an email at or give us a call at (888) 494.1921


I Want to Be A Stakeholder. What is the minimum investment amount?

Awesome! Welcome to the 1921 Family. The minimum investment is $500 and the maximum is $1500 for each Stakeholder spot. 

Click here to get started.

In the "message" part of the form, be sure to type "Educator." 

Do you have additional information I can read?

Absolutely. We have a complete 1921 Stakeholder Information Deck.

In the "message" part of the form, type "Educator" and "1921 Stakeholder Deck."

Click here to complete the form. 

As a 1921 Stakeholder, do I get access to use of the building and services?

Yes. As a 1921 Stakeholder, you can use the meeting rooms  or coworking space for free as well as participate in any entrepreneurship classes, speaking engagements,, networking events, and more.

Can I own more than one Stakeholder spot?

Yes. Many Investors secure spots for their children or family. The max amount is (6).

Can I invest at different levels or only one level?

Yes. For example, "you" may want to invest at the 2% group level and invest at the 1% level for your child(ren) or niece/nephew or other family members.

Can I invest more in the future?

At this time, unfortunately no. 1921 is set up that revenue goes back into the company to allow us to launch more startups. We really won't need additional investment dollars.

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