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1921 Incubator's Photon Initiative

The "light bulb" moment" is often synonymous with entrepreneurship.  The "light" goes on and BOOM! 

But what we have to remember is that a light bulb doesn't "contain" light; it contains a filament. (5th grade science review coming, fyi) Once the light bulb connects to an electrical supply and the current flows, it travels through the wires and the filament. The filament heats up to the point where it begins to emit "photons." And as we know, the photons are what gives us light.

Every founder starts out with the "light bulb" moment. The Photon Initiative gives you the training and tools necessary to set you on the path of a successful launch.

Filament Bulb
1921 lewislatimer01.jpg

Lewis Latimer

The filament in a light bulb is simply amazing. We know Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. But when it was invented, it could only work for a few days. It wasn't until Lewis Latimore, considered to be one of the 10 most important Black inventors of all time, created a way to encase the filament in a cardboard envelope, thus providing a much longer life of the bulb and making it more efficient. This enabled electric lighting to be installed within homes and throughout streets. Today, we have all kinds of light bulbs.

In the same way, your startup idea can go through many different iterations before and even after launching.

Think about 1994 Jeff Bezos launched Amazon as an online marketplace for books. Today he's one of the wealthiest persons on Earth, Amazon is a global phenomenon, and you can buy almost whatever you want on Amazon and have it shipped the same day.

The Photon Initiative helps Founders not only see what their idea can do now, but what it can do in the future and how it can have an impact on generations to come.

The Photon Initiative (PI) is the "Lewis Latimer" to your "light bulb" idea and the basis for which our startup training program and workshops are constructed. Founders accepted into the program work along other Founders in cohorts that will build an incredible network and a forever connection through learning and succeeding together towards the common goal of each Founder launching their startup. Each workshop and every part of the (PI) curriculum gives each Founder the tools and information needed to take their startup to a successful launch. 

The Photon Initiative focuses on nearly every aspect of launching a startup and condenses them into different phases. Each phase includes workshops, assignments, mentors, interaction with founders who have launched their businesses, subject matter experts, and much more. Because founders are at different stages, the Photon Initiative is tailored for where you and your startup are when entering the program. 

Brainstorm to Success

So...What Do We Have Here?

You've got a great idea. Let's break it down and see what your product of service can do and how it can make an impact in the global economy.

Business Team

How Do I Run A Business?

You've learned the aspects of your product or service and now it's time to learn how to effectively run your business before launching. Learning the pitfalls now will save time and money later.

Searching Browsing Internet Data Informa

I Think I'm Ready!!

Wow! You've come a long way from just having an idea. You have some traction and a good product or service. Now it's time to let the world know and scale your business. Get Ready!

Whether you just have an idea for a business or you have a prototype or working model/service and need help scaling or raising capital, the Photon Initiative can work for you and your business. Simply fill out the form and we'll get back to you. 

Applications for 2021 classes will be available in January

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