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Welcome to 1921's Investment Opportunity

Generational Wealth

We've all heard the term, but do we really know how to create it? There are several ways to create generational wealth, but perhaps the easiest is investing. 

By definition, generational wealth represents assets passed down from one generation to the next.


It's clear in wealthy families that those who inherit generational wealth have a significant financial advantage over those who do not. They have the ability to avoid student loans and other types of costly debt. With the wealth passed down to them, their inheritance could go towards income-generating investments, assets which appreciate in value and continue the cycle of generational wealth. 

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How it Works.

We have an incredible Investor Opportunity that truly benefits our investors. Through our group equity process, our Investors have the opportunity to own shared equity in every startup launched from 1921 Coworking, Inc., not just one or two which is traditionally how investments in startups work. 

When you invest in Tech Startups, especially Minority-owned Startups, the ability to create jobs and money stays in the community. When that happens, equity and wealth is created within the community, which increases the sustainability and is able to be passed on to the next generation for decades.

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If you're ready to become a Stakeholder or you'd like more information and would like to review our 1921 Stakeholder Deck, simply fill out the form below. 

As an investor, you share in the equity of startups launched from 1921's Tech Incubator.

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