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Your contribution to 1921 Incubator can help move the needle of True Economic Development & Growth in the African American Community and recapture the spirt of Black Wall Street.

1921 Incubator, NFP (Not-For-Profit)

When you look at the history of Tulsa, Oklahoma's Black Wall Street in 1921, you begin to recognize what a thriving, self-contained community looks like for Black Americans. And yet nearly 100 years later, many African-Americans in Chicago and other low-income areas can only recognize a thriving community from afar. 

Although there are many factors that can be attributed to the state of some low-income areas, the bottom line is that it can change.

1921 Incubator is designed to not only help minority startups get trained, funded, and launched, which will create thriving businesses and hundreds of jobs in the community, but it is designed for a holistic approach to true community economic growth and development for today with (4) important programs that will capture the spirit of Black Wall Street.

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Training & Funding Startups

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In a Feb. 12, 2020  Inc. Magazine article: Who's Funding Black Startup Founders Right Now? It Should Be You, the writer makes several strong points on supporting minority-owned startups. But one astounding point she shares is this: "...there have only been (13) Black Women raise more than $1 millions dollars in outside funding."  

But sadly, this is a barrier that many minority-owned startups face. 1921 Incubator's Photon Initiative (PI) for startups and founders will give them the training and mentoring needed to help them take their business concept from idea to launch.  

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1921 Incubator Programs

Franchise Incubator

One factor of a thriving community are small businesses. One way to create economic development in a thriving community is when residents in the community own businesses in the same community in which they live. This provides local jobs and the dollar is able to circulate in the community. The Franchise Incubator will help individuals who complete our franchise training program open their own franchise. A thriving business sector increases economic and job growth in any community. 

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IT Network Cert. Training Program

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Another factor that contributes to a thriving community is great paying jobs. Right now, the medium tech worker wage is nearly double the medium nation wage and companies literally don't have enough people to fill the jobs. There were 4.6 million tech job openings in 2019. 1921 Incubator will be a tech-learning hub for residents in the community who have their diploma or GED. If they qualify for the program, they will receive certifications in Google IT, Network IT, Cyber Security, and others. As we are seeing first-hand with e-learning in our schools, access to computers and high-sped internet are major barriers in low-income areas. 1921 will provide laptops and all the resources needed for participants complete their certifications.

1921 Young Tech (YT) Initiative

Another factor to thriving communities are great program initiatives for young people. The Young Tech (YT) Initiative will work to introduce young people to the world of technology and entrepreneurship. Young people from neighboring high schools will have access to 3D printers and a TV Studio to learn different facets of entrepreneurship and creating a viable product/service for potential launch. 

We are pleased to also partner with (2) great organizations that work with young people. The Ideal Candidate will work to give young people the essential life and professional skills needed to excel in the workforce covering areas such as non-verbal skills, dress etiquette, social media etiquette, and much more. If It Is To Be is an organization that works to help young people learn to take responsibility for their actions and take the lead in their lives and where they want their lives to go. Each participant has access to motivational videos of a range of people sharing what the phrase, If it is to be, it is up to me, means to them. 

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Housing Initiatives

One last factor to a thriving community and what really captured the spirit of the Black Wall Street, is home ownership. 1921 Incubator, working with realtors and housing programs, will spearhead initiatives for individuals who work within our programs to find great housing in the community. This keeps the money generated from businesses and great paying jobs to stay in the community. 

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