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Hello. It's JP. 

I am the CEO/Founder of 1921 Coworking and Incubator. It is the first and only Tech and Manufacturing Incubator opening on the far Southside of Chicago with an emphasis on launching Minority and Women-owned startups on the South and West sides of Chicago so that the jobs stay in these communities. The 1921 model will move low-income communities forward in 1-2 years instead of taking decades. 

1921 Coworking and Incubator is also the first Tech Incubator to allow individuals the opportunity to become a 1921 Stakeholder and gain an equity share in startups before they launch or go public starting at $500.

When it comes to investing and gaining equity in startups

before they launch or go public (IPO), Millionaire, Investor,

and Entrepreneur Daymond “The People’s Shark” John says,

“Most families are missing out on a huge wealth

creation opportunity.”




Daymond John pic.jpg
The Alternative Investment Industry is becoming one of the fastest growing fields in finance. -Harvard Business School. 7/8/21

"Alternative Investments used to be limited to high-net-worth and institutional investors, but are becoming more mainstream. Retail or individual investors are increasingly getting the opportunity to incorporate these types of assets into their portfolio. One of the most common Alternative Investments is Private Equity."

-Harvard Business School - 7/8/21

This short video describes in better detail how the 1921 Coworking and Incubator Stakeholder opportunity works. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at or shoot me a text at (872) 243-4862

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and join the 1921 Family to help move low-income communities forward.

Smiling confident young African American woman wearing a white shirt and black pants stand

Launch 350+ Minority & Women Startups

Chicago's West-loop is home to 100's of startups. That means, jobs, resources, and more stay downtown. 1921 will launch startups on the South and West side to grow the community.

Cyber Security Concept. African american man in glasses using laptop, hacking database ser

Create 5000+ Jobs Starting at $55k/Year

By launching startups in the community, 1921 can create high-paying jobs that stay in the community. We can create 

a tech jobs pipeline so jobs can be 

filled from the community. 

1921 ROI.png

Create ROI for Investors/Stakeholder

As a 1921 Stakeholder, your investment allows 1921 to have these future outcomes. In return, we set aside a combined 3% equity share for a number of Stakeholders in each startup launched from 1921.

If you'd like to learn more about being a 1921 Stakeholder and how adding Alternative Investments to your portfolio can add to your personal and family wealth, please click here or send Jordan an email at Or give us a call/text at (872) 243.4862

Thank you.


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